Monday, February 5, 2007


Hello and welcome to 'Oliver's Free Art Lessons For Teachers', a friendly and colourful web page devoted to creative new ideas to teach art and encourage artistic expression, self-worth & confidence in young learners.

  • Through this blog you can freely enjoy:
  • FREE lesson plans for teaching art & English
  • Useful LINKS to art-related web pages
  • GUEST ARTICLES by educators & students
  • Film & book REVIEWS
  • FREE VIDEOS to accompany art lessons
  • Feel free to add your own practical ideas for teaching art, cultivating creativity,and encouraging artistic expression.

I'm Oliver, a freelance painter & writer living and working mostly abroad. I have been teaching art for a decade and am currently reading for a Masters degree in Linguistics. My interests in art education have taken me to Kyoto, Japan, where I work in an international high school teaching art to a group of teenage bilingual learners.

  • My artistic expertise is oil painting, watercolours, collage, sculpture, web design, and performance art - particularly 'live' painting to music.
  • Via the web page 'FEELING SIMPLY LOVELY' I regularly blog on such diverse subjects as painting, travel, relaxation & meditation, the law of attraction, films, books & poetry.

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Have a lovely day, whether the brushes are whirling or you are in deep contemplation of your next masterpiece! The Muses are never far away!

Thanks for popping by!

(The Painter and Writer Oliver Kinghorn is seen here painting al fresco in Sydney's Botanical Gardens during the winter.)


MRose said...

This is a fantastic idea. Very informative and methodical. A product of a real intellectual academia. Although Art Education by itself is a profound subject, I find art as one of those best activities incorporated in other academic areas that enhances and encourages students participation in individual as well as group projects. Like in social studies, language and presentation, sciences and others. You have full of wonderful ideas. Very generous and please copywrite your own stuff, have them filed in your cd's for future publications as reference materials; that you can introduce to other educational institutions as part of their references in their curriculum guide in their respective schools.

clusseau said...

Hi Oliver,
I stumbled upon your site while I was searching for new ideas for art. I appreciate how clear, intelligent, and creative your incredible lessons are presented. I am inspired by your lessons and the generous spirit in the way they are offered. I will be sharing your site with my fellow art teachers as well. You are an example of what we all should be doing! Thank you. By the way, Clusseau is my dog's name. Mine is Ken Weber. I teach art at Sky Valley Education Center in Monroe, Washington and am in my 25th year of teaching. Aboriginal Art is a favorite of mine and I follow up the painting with making and playing didgeridoos. If we all shared our ideas in a similiar fashion as you have done, the result would be explosive! Thank you for the inspiration. Ken Weber